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ROSH Wishlist

ROSH Wishlist

Thank you for your interest in our home. Below is our wish list, divided into different sections. In italics the needs that is most urgent.


Projects on the house:

1) Fit fly screens on windows and doors.
2) Fit ceiling fans in 4 bedrooms, lounge and dining room
3) Borehole pump to be fixed or replaced.
4) Courtyard to be enclosed for an indoor play area, with equipment fitted.

Our homeschool:

1) Help in purchasing our PACES (workbooks). PACES average R55 each. Each learner needs on average 12 per subject. (Math, Afrikaans, English, World Building, Literature & Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science, Life Orientation, Economic & Management Sciences, Art & Culture)
2) A VAN – people carrier, in order to be able to take the children on outings. We cannot do that in our normal car anymore, as there are too many children & we had to sell our Sprinter, when our home burned, in order to start over in our new home. Our children really miss being taken on outings, as we used to take them out at least twice a month.
3) At least 2 PC’s so that our kids can start their FUTUREKIDS programme.
4) Basic tablets for children over 10 years of age, as part of their education

Basic Groceries:

1) Ground Beef and Chicken
2) Oros
3) Sugar, Coffee, Tea
4) Tomato Paste
5) Marmite, Peanut butter & Jam, Fish paste
6) Tinned Fish (tuna & pilchards)
7) Canned Chopped Peeled Tomatoes (we use LOTS of this)
8) Canned mixed veggies, sweet corn & baked beans, tinned garden fresh peas
9) Rice, Pasta (macaroni, spaghetti)
10) Tomato sauce, chutney
11) Veggies, such as carrots, potatoes etc.
13) Porridge such as Mieliepap & Oats, Weetbix

Cleaning Supplies:
1) Jik, Sunlight Liquid, Handy Andy
2) Sunlight Washing Powder 2 in 1 (Automatic)

Baby Supplies:
1) Huggies Steps (the red packs) sizes 4, 5
2) Formula: NIDO 1+
3) Child friendly shampoo
4) Child friendly body lotion, as our water is very hard & kids skins dry.
5) Vitamin C / Multivitamin supplements

Our little plastic ride on scooters are old and broken, as you can well imagine these are THE MOST FAVOURITE toys on the playground, to replace them will cost about R350 per scooter, we need at least 5. (the larger ones)(like the blue/yellow ones sold at Sasol Petrol Stations)

For RAY OF SUNSHINE HORSE HAVEN (our sister project, for unwanted, retired, abused horses, which we use for
Our work with our children, Equine Assisted Learning programme.) We pair up these “broken” horses with “broken” children and then see how the healing takes place – almost “magical”.
1) Equifeeds 10% Maintenance Cubes
2) Crushed Maize/Oats /Barley
3) Shandy Cubes/Shandy Chaff
4) Oathay Bales/ Lucerne Bales
5) Molasses/ Straw Bales
6) Fly Repellant

Please note: Ray of Sunshine House, is a MEC Community Services Project. MEC Community Services is a registered NPO & PBO. All monetary donations is eligible for Tax Deductible Certificates as per Section 18 A
Of the Tax Law.

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