Take no Offence

Take no Offence -  Dear reader, so many misunderstandings and falling outs have happ...
Obedience to parents


January 11 2017 children stories
A story that teaches us the importance of listening to our parents, and doing what is asked of us...
Fruits of the Spirit

Dra Die Vrug Van Die Gees

December 30 2016 children stories
This story shows us that bearing the fruits that our Lord has given us is the true path to happin...
Children praying

Leef Jou Christenskap Uit En Bid Vir Alle Nasies En Mense

December 23 2016 children stories
A young boy learns that the word of God cannot be forced upon others, and that they must learn th...
Jonah and the whale

Jona En Die Vis

December 16 2016 children stories
The story of Jona, a man who tries to defy god and finds himself in the belly of a whale, seeking...
Namaan the General

Naaman, Die Melaatse Man

December 05 2016 children stories
A story about a man named Naaman, a great general who travels to Isreal on the word of a little g...


The joy of the Lord is my strength! ...

Laat kinders net kinders wees

November 24 2015 kinders vooroordeel
'n paar jaar gelede, iewers in September/Oktober is die openingsaand van die Nasionale gimnastiek...

Ons voel mos!

October 15 2015 voel emosies
My oog val op die skrywe van die redaktrise.....jou 'gevoelstydskrif' - val so lekker op die oor,...
'n Gesonde Verstand

'n Gesonde Verstand

July 24 2015 children stories
A story in afrikaans about the gift of a sound mind from God our father.  The storie revolve...

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