Nostalgia - friend or foe?

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Like so many fellow humans on this planet called earth, the month of December definitely has an impact on my emotions. To me it seems that the second the clock strikes 12 on 30th November, a type of madness settles over my life (or so it feels like) - Another round of 'year-end' functions attacks me from all directions. Being a grandmamma, it is the end of year for all my highly gifted grandchildren with prize-givings and concerts which I love to attend. Sitting in a packed school hall with usually a giant sitting in front of me and me playing ping-pong with my head to just at least get a glimpse of my dearest and beloved grandchild receiving his or her certificate or prize. The concerts are very entertaining but I do tend to lose the storyline in my efforts to just get my eyes on my offspring's offspring!

Being on the board of various organizations make for quite a variety of 'year-end functions' escalating to a point where I only want to flop down in my lazyboy, breath deeply and just be!

After all the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready for our own 'year-end' function at the family business, the ministry and preparing for much loved visitors, I will be able to sit down and let the whole festive experience overtake me. I so love all the christmassy movies and activities (although we as a family do not celebrate Christmas - we celebrate Christ every day of the year and not only a specific day)....that is when it really hits me and overtakes me - nostalgia of christmasses past, the joy as well as the heartache of reminiscing and feeling the void left in our lives by the passing of loved ones as well as good friends that for some reason or other are no longer a part of our lives.

Hence my question, nostalgia - friend or foe?

To me both I guess! Sweet memories fill my soul and joy jumps up in my heart, just to be overtaken by sadness and a miss so big it seems to be able to swallow me whole!

So many questions Lord, so few answers! So many people coming to this time of year and not knowing what to expect next!

Lord, thank you that in the midst of so many uncertainties, one thing remains the same, YOU! Your love and grace has carried me through 2016 and it will carry me through the next year and the next and the next and every year until it is time to meet You face to face!

Thank You precious Jesus![...]

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Laat kinders net kinders wees

kinders vooroordeel
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'n paar jaar gelede, iewers in September/Oktober is die openingsaand van die Nasionale gimnastiekbyeenkoms. My kleinniggie van Kimberley neem deel en baie braaf trotseer ek die koue wind wat warrel om die Velladrome in Bellville. [...]

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Ons voel mos!

voel , emosies
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My oog val op die skrywe van die redaktrise.....jou 'gevoelstydskrif' - val so lekker op die oor, is mos 'n christen tydskrif, maar ..... [...]

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