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ROSH Journey

It all started when we first looked after Jake (a newborn baby who’s HIV infected mom, at times just became to weak to look after him), unfortunately he died of gastro whilst in his mom’s care. After his needless death and all the emotional trauma, we where quite hesitant to take in any more children.

Then came Thandi. She was abandoned by her birthmother, just left in the hospital. We got her when she was 2 months old, and adopted her when she was about 14 months old. Today she is 38 months old and a real treat. We love her as our own, and cannot imagine not having her in our lives. With her big dark eyes she stole our hearts, and many a time while watching her play, I cannot help to wonder how life would have been for her, had she not have a place to come home to.

In February 2007, things has changed dramatically! We opened our home for abandoned and abused children. We work together with the social wellfare agencies in our community.

First Caleb came to us, at only 6 days old, he stayed until May, then was adopted. It was such a honour to put this baby in the arms of his new mommy!

At the same time Ryan (8) and Angela (5) came to live with us, they were removed from their parents, due to prostitution and drugs. They have been placed in the care of family, we continue to pray for them.

George he was only a couple of hours old when the Police brought him to me, his mother dumped him in the bush, the afterbirth still attached to him. He was terribly burned by the sun and was very swolen. To my dismay the police informed me that he was one of the fortunate ones, many gets eaten by the stray dogs.

He was re-united with his mother and grandparents at the age of 4 months. Through our prayers, and God’s grace his mom had met Jesus and made Him Lord of her life. We just love this little boy to bits and he will always have a part of our heart.

We rescued Nita from a shack, where her mother left her without any food or water for 2 days. She was only 3 months old, and a Fetal Alcohol Syndrome baby, her bum was so badly nappy rashed, that it was bleeding. It took us 2 weeks to get her off the alcohol. She was placed back in her mother’s care unfortunately we have on one of our follow-up visits noticed that the mother has gone back to her old way of life. The social worker however do not want to put Nita through the trauma of removing her from her mom again. We continue to pray for her and we keep a close eye on her. Nita celebrated her 1st birthday and has been placed in the care of her family.

Then (in July) came Marvin Lee (4)


And Candice (9) was missing for 3 days after she ran away from home, her parents were making her drink beer. These children were infected with lice and ringworms, absolutely GROSS! Now they are doing well and is still living with us! Marvin celebrated his 4th birthday and for the 1st time in his life was a fuss made! These two are making great progress, they are healthy and no longer scared of adults.
We have found a home for them in the Tulbagh Children’s Home, where they will be re-united with their older brother in January 2008. Candice celebrated her 10th birthday will much to-do! We will continue to have contact with them and they will come to us during school holidays.

Diego (7 months) came to us, because his mother simply starved him, he was in ICU for 2 weeks and is still re-cooperating. He is infected with TB and is on treatment. Shame he is as big as George who is half his age. He also had scabies and his skin is 

covered with scars. We are loving him back to life!
Ahh Diego, we had to bid him farewell after 4 months with us. How he improved and developed. The social worker didn’t even recognise him. He has been placed in fostercare with the same family, where two of his brothers are.

A PURE DELIGHT and PROVE that LOVE conquers ALL. He to celebrated his 1st birthday in January 2008, I am happy to report that he is thriving!

This little baby boy with a huge question mark hanging over his head, he came to us at only 1 week old. His mother used TIK (crystal meth.) and he is currently going through with drawl. Very traumatic. His mother also claimed to be HIV positive, but unfortunately was never sober enough to give consent to be tested. So we are treating him as if he is HIV Positive. He is so tiny and so very cute.

How our little Tommy has grown! He is really a pleasure! One off the friendliest babies I’ve ever encountered. He is 6 months old now and growing bigger by the day. He will be with us for quite a whileas his mother has made no effort to clean-up, we treasure every day.

His HIV test came back NEGATIVE – PRAISE GOD! Tommy is growing from strength to strenght, it is amazing to watch him develop. He can sit by himself now and will be crawling soon. He is going to be a more permanent member off our household as we are taking him into our fostercare. Unfortunately his mom has not ‘cleaned up’ yet. This little boy is very charming and capture the heart of every person who meets him.

Little Sarah came to us at only 2 weeks old, and has already suffered much trauma. This little girl is a survivor. Her mother was raped, and fell pregnant with her. Being traumatised and not wanting a reminder of her rape, she tried to abort this little one, BUT Sarah survived the abortion and was born via emergency c-section at 33 weeks. She weighed only 2.2kg at birth, the contracted jaundice. She lost a significant amount of weight. Now 3 months old, she has grown out off her pre-mature clothes and is happy and healthy.

Our dear Sarah went back to live with her mommy, the mommy has recovered from the trauma of the rape and cried so much for her little girl. When I placed Sarah back in her mommy’s arms, love just flowed from her. Immediately that bond was restored, without the effect of the rape, abortion or c-section, because that has been removed in the spiritual realm, the way Father God has shown us, with the help of Holy Spirit.

Sadly Sarah’s mommy could not keep her, as her mommy’s husband did not want to raise the child of a rapist. Sarah has returned to us and her mommy has asked us to adopt her. We are honoured to be to give this little girl a loving home.

This is baby Joe, he arrived on Christmas day 2007, abandoned by his mother. We didn’t know anything about him, not even his age. He is such a friendly boy, but cannot be left alone for a moment, he has to see me the entire time. We look forward in watching him grow.

Joe has grown so much, his weight has about doubled and he has finally started teething, which is such a good indicator that he has overcome the effects of malnutrition. His paternal grandmother has finally made contact with the police. So now we at least know how old he is, and what his real name is. Not that it helps calling him that, as he really only knows the name Joe. It seems that the social worker is going to have him placed in foster care as his birthmother has decided NOT to let him be adopted. Understandably so, the grandmother lives in the area where he was picked up, and it took her 6 months to start looking for him!! Makes one wonder how much they actually care for him. He has now been placed in our fostercare. At least we know now how old he is.

Little Milo (7 months) came to live with us at the beginning of June 2008. His mother ( only 16 years old) simply left him with his grandmother, and the grandmother just couldn’t afford milk, so the little man was fed water for a couple of days. He has gained his weight and eats very well. Such a cute little thing. His paternal grandmother has applied for custody, but she first needs to find a job. His father is amazing, he loves that little boy so, and whenever Milo hears his daddy's voice, he just lights up. It seems that this story will have a good ending after all!

Ferlyn and Fiaslyn (2 year old twins) were removed from their home due to neglect. These two are very lively and my goodness they can only curse, something we already started working on. Their first night went well, except that they cried a bit for their grandmother. These two came to us with only the clothes on their backs, and because we don’t normally work with older children we really are rallying around trying to get clothing for them. Thank you for everyone that kindly gave, the two left our home for a more permanent fosterhome, and took bags and bags of clothing, nappies and toys with them! We are still in contact with them. We visited them in April and am happy to report that they are thriving!

Little Valerie also came to live by us. We don’t know much about the situation. We just know that it breaks our hearts to see such a small person (only 8 months old) with so many scars. We will with God’s love wipe away the emotional scars and love her to health. We are happy to report that she has been placed in the loving care of her grandmother, whom we have met.

Jane came to our home at only 2 months old. We don’t know much about her story, just that she was deprived of love and attention. That her mommy is ill and is getting help. Her daddy is not able to look after her alone. She stayed with us for 3 months and has been placed in foster care with a very loving couple!

Jason was found by the police abandoned in a shack. So malnourished we really didn’t think that he would survive. He is 18 months old, only weigh 7kgs and still wears newborn sized nappies. He couldn’t walk, his eyes were lifeless and for 3 weeks he just lay where ever we put him. He couldn’t even hold a 250ml baby bottle by himself. He smelled like death, no matter how many times we bathed him, we just couldn’t get rid of the smell.

I am happy to report that now a month later, he has life in his eyes, can walk very slowly and is starting to communicate with us. Thank you to my sister who supplied us with breastmilk, just to get him back to life!

Duren (9 months) came to us 3 weeks ago, his mother got very ill and was taken to hospital by the ambulance. In this rush no one was there to look after Duren and he was taken to the Police by a concerned neighbour. I am happy to report that he is doing fine and after 3 weeks has been returned to his mother’s care.

Even though we cannot adopt them all, we are blessed, honored and fortunate to be able to make a difference in this world, by changing and enriching these children’s lives.

We know that these are just the first of many children and that we are doing what God wants us do , caring for the children in this world. We are excited at the prospect of meeting these children and making a difference in their lives.

Our motto: “The more, the merrier” This Is Our Reasonable Service.

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