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 HFBI - A Word in FAITH Campus

HFBI offers part-time bible training, allowing students to be dedicated Christians within their local church, home, market place and at the same time dedicating themselves to a meaningful lifestyle study of the Word of God. 

Our Campus is situated at our offices in Durbanville, with satelite campuses in East -Londen & Atlantis.

Our Campus also offers an online distance learning facility for students who would like to benefit from this programme, but is too far from a local campus. 


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Our Objectives
To empower the local church with a Heritage of Faith
To infuse the Spirit of Christ into the church
To bring each graduate to a place of a real and vital relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ


Course description

The first year curriculum comprises the following subjects:
1. Foundations of Faith
2. New Creation Realities
3. Righteousness
4. Principles of Prayer I
5. Person of the Holy Spirit
6. Developing Godly Character
7. Integrity of God’s Word
8. Principles of Living by Faith
9. Power in the Blood of Jesus
10. Old Testament Men of Faith
11. Principles of Healing
12. Biblical Prosperity

Course description

The second year curriculum consists of the following subjects:
1. Fruit of the Spirit
2. Character of God
3. Ministry of Jesus
4. Authority of the Believer
5. How to be led by the Holy Spirit
6. Developing Spiritual Maturity
7. Relationships, Covenant and Marriage
8. Gifts of the Holy Spirit
9. Principles of Prayer II
10. Soul Winning
11. Introduction to Ministry
12. Excellence in Ministry

Upon successful completion of Year 1 and Year 2 respectively, students will receive a Certificate of Completion


Our Objectives
Empower Christians to be leaders in everyday life
To train for spiritual leadership
To identify the gifting, role and calling within the Body of Christ
To train appropriately identified believers in secular ministry
Bring each graduate to a place of a real and a vital relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ

Leadership Academy Curriculum
1. Power of Choice
2. Values, Principles and Belief Systems
3. Change and Work
4. Faith and Values
5. Power, Influence, Authority and Submission
6. Corporate Values and Vision
7. Personal Leadership
8. Roles, Goals and Priorities
9. Marriage and Family Matters
10. Social Considerations
11. Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Triangle
12. Aligning your Emotions with the fruit of the Spirit
13. Financial Fitness
14. Corporate Life
15. Power and Influence
16. Entrepreneurship
17. Focus for Maximum Life
18. Consistency and Persistence

Upon successful completion of year 3, students will receive a
Certificate of Completion


Our Objectives
To train and ordain spiritual leaders within the five-fold ministry
Regional and National Level
To continuously enhance the effectiveness of ordained spiritual leaders
To facilitate the mobilization of appropriately identified alumni for specific, local and national projects.
Five-Fold Ministry Training
Training believers in the ministry of helps to serve in the local church
The programme will provide a platform for ordination

Curriculum is divided into teaching and practical training

1. Church Administration
2. Five Fold Ministry
3. Hermeneutics
4. Homiletics
5. The Minister and the Family
6. Problem Solving in the Corinthian Church
7. Counselling
8. Pastor
9. Ministerial Ethics
10. Church Planting
11. Fulfilling your Call and Vision

The fourth year programme is a school of ministry in which we focus on five fold ministry training.

Upon successful completion the Degree will be certified and issued by the USA - Heritage of Faith Bible Institute

Heritage of Faith Specialised Ministry Training (Year 5)


There is a continuous need in the Kingdom of God to discuss topics that are applicable to day to day living.
Students entering the Specialised Ministry Training will be required to research, write a proposal and comprehensive assignment on a chosen topic.

Entrance Requirements

Scholars must have:
· Successfully completed all the requirements for the Advanced Ministry Training


A supervisor will be appointed to offer wisdom and guidance.

A proposal is to be submitted outlining the approach to the study focus, including goals and objectives
The proposal should indicate the students understanding of the plans and purposes of God and how their chosen topic is applicable in day to day living.

· What is the Kingdom of God?
o Establishment
o Constitution
o Vision
o Revelation
o Prophetic understanding

· Apostolic or Prophetic Mandate for the Modern Church
o New Wine Skins
o Church Reformation
o Apostolic Authority
o Vision and Values
o Networks

· The present day Scholastic approach to Hermeneutics
o Analyses
o Etymology
o Exegesis
o Prophecy
o Eschatology

· Spiritual Leadership
o Potential
o Spiritual
o Visionary
o Transformation
o Destiny

· The Hebrew Factor in Contemporary Christianity
o Biblical History
o God’s Chosen
o Judaism
o The relevance of the Old Testament
o Law and Grace

Students may choose from any of the above topics for research [each topic has leading indicators]
The research is to be written as a comprehensive assignment with the following guidlines; where applicable;
· Research must be authentic and original
· Research and study field of interest are to carry valid and authentic authorship
[i.e. Eschatology will carry concepts of a presentable worldview]
· Clarity must be lent to the meaning of original terms
· Definition must be given to use in the life of Jesus in contrast to Jewish concepts
· Indication must be given as to what place the chosen topic has in todays life
· Relationship to both old and new covenants should be understood
· Prophetic character [if any] should be defined

· Minimum twelve months
· Registration valid for two years

A printed bound copy is to be submitted to the National Office with a comprehensive report from the appointed supervisor.
Upon successful completion the Masters Degree will be certified and issued by the USA - Heritage of Faith Bible Institute
For more information contact our National Head Office


Heritage of Faith Bible Institute offers a Doctorate in Ministry for the following reasons [with purpose];

• We believe it is an imperative for Christians to be divinely connected to their life assignment.
• As believers live out their lives before God it remains a permanent mandate for them to continually study to show themselves approved unto God as a workman within the kingdom of God, not being ashamed to rightly divide the Word of truth [2 Timothy 2:15].
• That believers will make disciples of all nations [nationality and ethnic groups] as we believe a disciple is the most powerful person on earth.
• To this end we offer the Doctorate as a Senior Mentor to guide young disciples and leaders within the kingdom of God to carry the baton into future generations to fulfil the role described in Acts 13:36 serving this generation.
• Such qualified Mentors will play an important role in the Bible Institute for training believers for the work of ministry into the future.

Upon successful completion the Doctorate will be certified and issued by the USA - Heritage of Faith Bible Institute


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A Word from Dr Jerry Savelle

Carolyn and I are thrilled to be part of what God is doing in South Africa through Heritage of Faith Bible Institute in association with local churches. We count it an honor to be involved in raising up students who will live and preach the uncompromised Word of God in South Africa, and even to the nations. Our desire is to see each student develop a passion for God and a passion for life. This Bible Institute is the fulfillment of a dream, and I am extremely excited about the potential we now have to train up students in an atmosphere charged with faith! If you are looking for an unique opportunity to increase your knowledge of the scriptures and find your place in God’s plan, then I trust you will prayerfully consider our school.

Dr. Jerry and Carolyn Savelle

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