Ray of Sunshine Horse Haven

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Ray of Sunshine Horse Haven is run as a "sister project", right alongside Ray of Sunshine House on the same property in Klein Dassenberg Atlantis.


Through the years we have seen amazing results with children dealing with the effects of FAS and various other syndromes, after being exposed to horses.


We started of doing Equine Assisted Learning with Equitots, and we learned so much from their facilitators.


Aftern moving to Atlantis, we were absolutely shocked to see so many horses walking around like stray dogs in the area. We also were horrified at the abuse of these very special animals.


Inspired by the work of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in the USA, we decided to start Ray of Sunshine Horse Haven, a project also run as a MEC Community Services project, just as the Ray of Sunshine House is. MEC Community Services is a registered NPO & PBO and I service on the board of directors.

The vision and dream of Ray of Sunshine House is NOT just to be a place of safety/foster home, we don’t want the children in our care just to SURVIVE, we want them to THRIVE, we want them to have BIG DREAMS. Our children aren’t raised with an orphan spirit, or a “the world owes me something” mentality. This is extremely important to us.

So what we do is, when we take on a rescued horse, we pair the animal up with a child. It is amazing to see how a “broken child” and “broken horse” connects, and how the healing process for both takes places.

We take our “throw away” children and our “throw away” horses, we train hard and we then give them the opportunity to take part & compete in the normally very exclusive world of equine sports. Part of our “the sky is the limit, with hard work & the right attitude” life motto.
We also use every opportunity, when it arises to teach the children from the local community, to respect and care for the animals. It is our dream to get these children to see that if you look after and respect the horses, they could also compete in these events. We encourage both the English and Western Riding, Western Riding being much more fun and attractive for the locals.
When we take in a rescued horse, we do our utmost to train the horse in various equine disciplines to ensure that the animal would always have a future and a good home. It is also vitally important that the horse is safe around children. That is why we encourage our children to help with the training process. They also help with the day to day caring for the horses.
We currently care for 13 horses , 3 ponies & 1 donkey. Feed, horse shampoo, fly spray, horse blankets & fly sheets are always welcome. We lost most of our stuff 1st in the house fire of 2012, and then again when our tack room at our previous property was broken into in 2015.
We have big dreams for our Ray of Sunshine Horse Haven Riding team. Our girls have chosen SHOWING as their discipline of choice and they are doing so well. Please follow their progress in our blog.
Equestrian Sport is a very exclusive and expensive sport, and we are really pressed for the finances to enable our children & horses to be able to compete.

We are ALWAYS in need of tack & riding gear. Our horse trailer needs a refurbishing, infact we need a 4 berth horse trailer & a vehicle strong enough to pull the trailer.

Should you feel moved to support our project please do so.

You can contact Merle @ 021 572 3222 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About MEC

MEC Community Services is an inter-denominational ministry under leadership of Marinda E Cornelius, who focusses on the upliftment of the communities in the Western Cape, in South Africa as well as the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Africa.

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