JC Morning Star Durbanville

JC Morningstar Durbanville (Crèche and Aftercare)

How it all started:

Some time during October 2002, while working in front of my computer at work, an image was dropped into my spirit which to say the least startled me. I was to open a daycare centre for working mothers who could not afford daycare for their little ones. Where? None other than Morningstar, Durbanville, a previously disadvantaged residential area. Well, that was a bit of a shock as I have never been into Morningstar, but was well aware of the shebeens and drug abuse in that little suburb of Durbanville.

Practical as I am, I decided to find out whether there was need for such a facility. I contacted the headmaster of the local school, only to be told that I was definitely off the mark. Well, Lord, I have done my best and that settles it, I know when I am not wanted. Only to have that quiet little voice on the inside of me telling me to find out more. To make a long story short, a couple of phone calls later and I had a very excited parent and community member on my hands, begging me to go ahead.

It was quite amazing how everything seemed to fall in place from there. I could lease a very run down building called ‘the temple’ by the locals for a nominal rent and had help from friends in fixing it up. Putting a vibracrete wall around the place, replacing the broken windows and a couple of coats of paint, made it habitable.

JC-daycare centre opened its doors in January 2003 and we have not looked back. Today we have 46 preschool children and 30 after school children in our care. We have four full time staff members and one part-time employee with a lady that comes in to clean the place thoroughly on a Saturday. We also have volunteers who help with a reading program and other activities for the children.

Should you by any chance feel led to participate in this community project in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers given below.

We work together with the Social Workers, in cases of abuse in the families. A reading program is being run, to make sure that the children do not get behind, due to overcrowded classrooms at the schools. A lot of enrichment activities are also presented by volunteers, in order to stimulate the children on all levels.

The staff at JC Morningstar:
Francis Louw
JC-Morningstar Principal

Sybil Owen
Terryn Du Plooy

Annelise Arendse

Marinda E Cornelius

Our Wish List

1. Our roof needs a good clean and paint, our walls needs paint.
2. New doors to make our toilette cubicles more private.
3. New front doors to replace the old worn out ones.
4. Paving would be such a great help, especially in winter time to keepour little ones out of the mud.
5. To cope with the growing number of children we look after we would like to add a second “wendy house” classroom(6x3m) in order to keep the classes managable and ensure individual attention to each of our little ones.

1. We would love more swings as we only have 3 to share between 70 children.
2. Any beach toys like plastic spades and buckets and balls are always welcome.

Educational toys and material
1. Wooden building blocks, forms and colours
2. Play dough (clay)
3. Paint, pencils, paper and glue

1. We need volunteers to help with our reading program (1 hour daily).
2. We need volunteers to help with physical education (1 hour daily).
3. We need volunteers to help with a music appreciation class (1 hour per week).

We love to give our little ones small birthday gifts, for many it will be the only gift that they receive on this special day (20 girls, 40 boys).

Meal time
We weekly need fruit, yogurt, whole chicken breast, beef mince, cans of mixed vegetables, rice, sugar, cheddar cheese, bread and other grocery items to keep our children properly fed.

If you can help please contact our offices 021 975 6633 (8-17h00 daily) or contact Merle on 078 341 3250.

About MEC

MEC Community Services is an inter-denominational ministry under leadership of Marinda E Cornelius, who focusses on the upliftment of the communities in the Western Cape, in South Africa as well as the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Africa.

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