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HIS Hands Care Center

His Hands Care Centre opened its doors as a Non-Profit Organization on 5 January 2015, by a family with a passion to make a difference and a handful of parents with a very good cause. The mission was to provide a safe and loving environment for children with disabilities, a place where they would receive dedicated care from a team of hard working staff members, so Mum and Dad could return to work with peace of mind, knowing their special child was in the right hands

Built on these foundations, this Christian organization is growing from strength to strength. His Hands Care Centre has the facilities to support up to 21 children aged from birth to 16 years old, and specializes in caring for those with severe physical and profound cognitive disabilities. The team of staff is continuously developing their skills and experience as care workers, who undertake constant training and whose knowledge in the field is unparalleled. Still a place of love and safety, every child may now receive therapies - both medical and psychological care from within the centre.

His Hands Care Centre acquired the skills and expertise of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational and Physiotherapists from in and around East London to enable us to develop individualized programs for each child. Our staff members have also been trained in providing much needed therapies on a daily basis for our children. The staff currently consists of 7 care workers, who are responsible for managing the children’s everyday day-to-day needs, including feeding, nappy changes, general stimulation, as well as the implementation of special individualized therapy programs. These special women have a special heart for our kiddies and are learning new skills and teaching all of us new skills on a daily basis. Martinette du Randt manages the centre hands-on and uses her expertise of over 14 years as a Behavioral Tutor to assist in offering these kids and their families, as well as the staff, the skills they need to enable the children to develop to their full potential.

Our special menu was planned with the help of a dietician, and every day includes an energy packed breakfast, a high protein lunch and an assortment of healthy snacks and fun treats. Unlike a mainstream school or day care where there is one program that all the children follow, every child that attends His Hands Care Centre is individually assessed, has a personalized care plan, and receives a unique program designed to meet every need of that specific child. Emphasis is placed on developing independence, promoting self-confidence and working towards long term goals and planning for the future.

No two children’s needs are the same. Every child (whether or not they have disability) is worthy of love and support, and has the right to be treated with dignity and compassion. There are currently sixteen children attending His Hands Care Centre and many of these have Cerebral Palsy or other conditions affecting mobility. Many of these children can’t walk and is almost completely unable to move independently. Besides not being able to play or investigate the world for themselves, they rely on their care workers to feed, change, clean and move them. Either due to their physical disability or their mental capacity, many of the children are unable to use meaningful speech, so the staff need to be highly proficient in alternative forms of communication, such as tracking eye movements or tiny changes in body language, listening carefully to the limited sounds a child is able to make, or evaluating mood and monitoring their behaviors.

The challenges these children face every single day are too many and too diverse to explain in mere words or fully appreciate, but there is truly no challenge too great. There is always a way, and the staff of His Hands Care Centre will do everything they can, investing every ounce of energy, patience, knowledge and faith into meeting the needs of every child. His Hands Care Centre does not focus on typical preconceptions of progress. The goal is to improve the child’s quality of life, finding practical solutions to help both the child and their family work with and develop their individual abilities to the full.

By no stretch of the imagination is this easy work, nor is it cheap. The school fees are aligned as closely as possible to current rates of the Disability Grant. Subsidies are currently being applied for from the Department of Social Development and we are planning quite a few very important fund-raisers (Beach fun-run, flea market, golf day and Music show to name but a few) to aid us with much-needed finances to run this safe-place for our kiddies. This combined with the constant trickle of donations and pledges from small businesses and charitable givers, will keep His Hands Care Centre’s doors open. Continued fundraising and spreading awareness will ensure that these children always have a place where they can reach their full potential.

We are proud to say that one of our board members is Luanet Smit, Speech Therapist and Audiologist, who was Business Woman of the Year 2014 – Professional category. We endure to utilize her knowledge in our therapy programs and every day running!

Ezandleni Zakhe!


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Marinda E Cornelius is also a registered marriage official for MEC-Ministries. Pre-marital counseling is a must for any couple. There are no charges involved but should Holy Spirit alert me to the fact that a couple are not suited for one another and that the proposed union will be detrimental to the parties involved, I keep the right to refuse to conduct such a ceremony.

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