Ray Of Sunshine House

Ray of Sunshine House

Ray of Sunshine House is situated on a smallholding in Dassenberg, Atlantis, where children in need live and play to their heart’s delight in a safe and loving environment. Says Merlé: ” Bobby and I have known for many years that somehow we where suppossed to look after ophans and children in need. We did not know how, when or where this was going to happen.

We do this because that is our purpose God has created us for. It is important for us to intergrate these children into our family, so that for the time they are with us they can experience a normal family life. Therefore we treat them as our own, and at no time do we want them to feel as if they are in a home. They share bedrooms with our own children, they share the same toys.

What makes our home different from other safe houses? That is easy to answer. In our home we apply the word of God, we live by it and teach our children the same. Not only are the physical needs of these children seen to, we also nurture their souls and build their spirits. Due to my involvement with MEC-Ministries, I have the knowledge and tools, to also work emotional healing into each child’s life. When children enter our home we anoint them and bring them before Father God, we then continue to bring emotional healing with the guidance off the Holy Spirit. When these children leave our home, they leave not only physically healthy and whole, but also spiritually healthy and emotionaly whole!

Our Mission
To provide a stable, loving family home to babies and children in need. To love the unloved and give hope to the hopeless. To bring healing to the brokenhearted and feed the hungry. TO SEE THE LIGHT AND SPARKLE return to EMPTY, LIFELESS EYES. To be a family...

Our Dream
Our dream is to have a property of our own, where we can build a home large enough to comfortable be able to house children in need for as long as is needed. We need to raise R3.2 million to purchase the property that we are currently in, by April 2018. It is perfect in every way, 2 houses and with 30ha land we have more than enough space to build more cottages to home more children and also to provide a home for the older children once they leave school and go study etc.

Our desire is to never send a child from our home to an institution. If a child cannot return to his/her family home and a suitable foster family cannot be found, we would rather raise that child as our own. A great flaw of many “wellfare systems” are that children move around too often. Once we have taken a child into our home we are commited to that child for as long as he/she needs us. We homeschool our children on the ACE curricullum, thus offering them the best education in a secure and loving environment.

Our Needs
Currently the monthly expenses of the House runs to R71 500. We get about R14000 per month in financial contributions, and the rest of the cost, we fund out of our business, putting much strain on the business. We as a family has had to make great sacrifices over the years, but we’d rather make a difference in a child’s life, than have material things.

Our greatest needs are:

  • A small holding/home on a farm of our own.
  • A people carrier/van to transport our little ones on outings.
  • Nappies and Formula
  • Basic Groceries
  • Financial assistance – In order to cover the monthly running costs.
  • Educational Toys 
  • Computers or Tablets for our school, as our children need to start that part of their education.
  • R3000 to have internet installed for our homeschool.
  • Clothing: Boys and girls from newborn to Age 14

The Ray of Sunshine House is a MEC Community Services Project. MEC Community Services is a registered NPO 003 821 and PBO  and therefore a tax deductible certificate (as per Section 18(a) of the Act,  will be issued for all financial contributions made.

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