Interaction With Horses

Interaction With Horses

Over the years we have learned and experienced the wonderful effect horses have on people.

Our dream is to take "BROKEN HORSES"- horses that were rescued, offer them a home, bring healing to them, school them AND then let them "GIVE" back, by letting these "BROKEN/ABUSED" children in our care, bond with the horses - and let the HEALING begin.

Through our friendship with Emma Weitzel from we have seen and learned that with horses we can bridge huge gaps. We have had great success with learning problems being overcome, physical problems being rectified, and great emotional barriers broken by just simply letting the child interact with the horse.

Kim Meeder of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon, USA, has been a great inspiration to us, and we hope to develop a similar program here at Ray of Sunshine House.

We furthermore want to establish a "Ray of Sunshine House" riding team, where we want to let the children in our care, compete in agricultural shows and the western games. This will then later be expanded to give the children from our greater Atlantis community to broaden their horizons and also come ride and learn with us.

Our facilities needs upgrading (the poles in the paddocks are old and rotten), we would like to build a secure "mounting block"area and then off course we need to replace all our tack, as our saddles where stolen during our move.

We currently have 8 horses, 2 very old ponies and 2 donkeys. All rescues, all much loved and part of our family.

The Ray Family carries the costs of these animals currently, but any help with towards caring for these animals will greatly be appreciated."

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MEC Community Services is an inter-denominational ministry under leadership of Marinda E Cornelius, who focusses on the upliftment of the communities in the Western Cape, in South Africa as well as the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Africa.

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