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The need/project for Mandela day 2018 - we would love to be able to replace all the children’s mattresses, our toddler beds are being replaced by standard sized bunk beds. Furthermore the bedding for the children needs to be replaced, even the duvet inners and pillows - as the ones the are currently using is paper thin already. It is a big undertaking - replacing 18 mattresses, duvet inners, pillows, sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. However it can be done. If everyone of the members on this page contributed R67 or multiples thereof, we could easily meet or target and hopefully even raise enough to fully catch up on our Eskom account.

Please remember ALL monetary donations are eligible for a tax rebate as per section 18a of the income tax law.

Contributions can be paid to MEC Community Services 
FNB, Cheque Acc, Acc# 62061641174, Branch 250655, Reference: ROSH Mandela Day

The children and I thank you in advance for helping us, renew their beds and make it cozy again.

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MEC Community Services is an inter-denominational ministry under leadership of Marinda E Cornelius, who focusses on the upliftment of the communities in the Western Cape, in South Africa as well as the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Africa.

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